Leek - features of cultivation

Leeks are not particularly common in Russia, as they need more warm climate and dry land... In order to receive tasty and rich harvest, you need to know its secrets of growing. Leek should grow for a long time, therefore seedlings are sown in March. In this case, the crop will ripen by September or October.

Before planting seeds in the ground, they must soak for a day... The water temperature is about 20 degrees. Then the seeds are pulled out and dried. Only then can they plant in prepared seedling soil... It is better to use straight pots, rather than tapered downwards. Humus and peat should be added to the soil so that it is more suitable for growing leeks.

If seedlings grown in a box, then you can cut the earth into separate cubes. In the future, this will make it easier to transplant seedlings to the site, since the root system will not be injured... Cubes are made three by three centimeters in size. As a result, 3-4 seeds can be planted in each such area. The room temperature should be about 20 degrees. Water the seedlings with warm water... Regular airing will improve onion growth.

Leeks are transplanted into the soil 60-70 days after sowing. To do this, make grooves, moisten and add a little organic fertilizer. Gaps between rows should be about 30 cm, and between the plants 10 cm. The more spacious the onion, the easier it will be to spud and the better the harvest will be.

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