How to grow tomato seedlings

How to grow tomato seedlings

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Tomatoes are a valuable and common crop. Its growing season is quite long, therefore, in regions with short summers and severe winters, a seedling method of growing is indispensable.

Novice gardeners are concerned about the question: "How to grow tomato seedlings for a good harvest? "

In order for vegetables to grow hardy, healthy, strong and not suffer from diseases, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of soil. The amount of soil per plant is about 0.5 kg. The best precursors for tomatoes are onions, cucumbers, and carrots. This should be taken into account when collecting land from your own site. To increase fertility, 1 part of humus and 1 part of peat can be added to 1 part of sod land. It's a good idea if the mixture freezes to cleanse the pests.

Before sowing, seeds are treated in a special way:

  1. Check for weight: the planting material is immersed in a 5% salt solution for 5 minutes. The floating seeds are considered unsuitable and are removed, the remaining ones are washed.
  2. Keeping in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for a quarter of an hour provides the necessary disinfection.
  3. Prepare the solution mineral fertilizers (you can use a ready-made mixture). The seeds should be immersed in it for 12 hours.

The containers are filled with potting soil. Prepared seeds are pressed to a depth of 1 centimeter, keeping a distance of 3 cm between rows and 2 cm between seeds. The earth is leveled, well moistened with a spray bottle, covered with a film and placed in a warm place. With the appearance of "loops", the film is removed, the seedlings are placed in a lighted, ventilated room. After the formation of 1-2 leaves, seedlings diveplacing in separate pots.

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