Blackcurrant Pygmy is a high-yielding variety with excellent taste

Lovers of berry bushes know that black currant is one of the record holders for the content of vitamin C, which a person needs in relatively large quantities. Black currant pygmy although not too large, it has a sweet, dessert taste and a sufficient content of vitamins.

Pygmy is high-yielding winter-hardy variety of medium ripening... Many gardeners place Pygmy currant on the same level with varieties that are in great demand in terms of a complex of valuable properties.

Black currant is the most common berry crop in many places. This is explained not only by the simplicity of cultivation, low maintenance costs, high productivity, but also by the value for the human body.

In addition to riches in the form of vitamins and minerals, pectin and organic acids, any black currant is unique powerful natural adsorbent... Organic dyes are not degraded or absorbed during the digestion process. Passing through the digestive tract, these dyes collect heavy metals, radionuclides and other technical dirt from food, taking it out of the body.

Selecting varieties for their summer cottage and using freezing, gardeners consume black currant berries all year round. Blackcurrant processing products for a long time retain up to 90% of vitaminsproviding a person with the unique adsorption properties of currants. After all, the fight against the destructive impact of technogenic factors on a living organism is especially relevant today.

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