When is the best time to plant cucumbers outdoors?

When is the best time to plant cucumbers outdoors?

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If you are interested in what when to plant cucumbers of all, it all depends on how well the soil has warmed up. In this case, your cucumber seedlings will not freeze.

But, if suddenly the weather will surprise you in the form of a cold snap, do not worry. The main thing is to cover the beds in time with plastic wrap or special material.

Cucumbers and their cultivation

Growing cucumbers outdoors begins with choosing a landing site. So, give preference to those areas in the country where your plant will be minimally exposed to the wind.

That, where to plant cucumbers also depends on how well the place is illuminated by the sun.

Then decide which method of growing cucumberis more suitable for you - vertical or horizontal. In this matter, focus on personal convenience. So, some people prefer the way they grow cucumbers on a trellis.

If you take seeds for cucumbers, then they can germinate in a week. This is due to the ambient temperature. But, given that the weather sometimes changes quickly, you need to be prepared for anything.

Planting cucumbers by seeds provides for their soaking for 10 hours, moreover, before they swell, the water must be changed several times. Seeds are sown in a hole with a depth of 2 to 4 cm, previously watered with water.

By the way, it is recommended to water cucumbers with extremely warm water. Make sure that the soil never dries out. Noticing the roots of the plant on the surface of the earth, you need to remember about mulching.

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