Tomato varieties for Siberia - which ones to choose

The key to a high, stable yield is the correct selection of a variety suitable for the climate of a particular region. I.e, tomato varieties for Siberia differ from varieties that give good yields, for example, in Krasnodar.

In addition, it is important to decide where to cultivate tomatoes - in protected or open ground.

It should be borne in mind that the hybrid has certain advantages in comparison with the usual variety: high yields, even in not very favorable conditions, amicable ripening, uniformity of plants and others.

Harvest varieties of tomatoes for Siberia

Bull heart - one of the most beloved varieties by many. Its pulp is sugar, fleshy, the skin is thin. With quality care, the fruits can reach half a kilogram. It gives good yields both in the open and in closed ground, but some care is needed: the formation of a bush by constant pinching.

Siberian early maturing... Medium early variety, smooth, red, medium-sized fruits with excellent taste. Gives high yields when cultivated indoors. Medium disease resistance.

Ground mushroom... Ripening occurs 100-117 days from planting. Fruits are intensely red, slightly ribbed at the stalk, taste good. The variety is resistant to disease and cold.

Gina... The taste is excellent. Gives good yields in the open field, does not require special care.

Altai early... An early ripe fruitful variety, from germination to ripening takes 100-105 days. Fruits are round-flat, good taste. The mass of the largest fruits is 350-400 grams, on average - 125 grams.

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