Planting tomatoes efficiently in the greenhouse

Planting tomatoes efficiently in the greenhouse

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Growing tomatoes on your own plot requires compliance with certain conditions. After all, it is precisely such a room closed from the effects of unfavorable weather conditions that allows you to get a good harvest of tomatoes.

But planting tomatoes in a greenhouse has its own nuances. Tomato seedlings are best planted in a greenhouse in the first or second decades of May. At this time, the night temperature is still quite low, and in the daytime the thermometer may not rise high. With such a time frame for planting tomatoes in a greenhouse, it must be tightened with a second layer of film, which will create additional conditions for creating the necessary temperature and humidity conditions. This top film can be removed at the beginning of June if the temperature is sufficiently warm at night.

Another special feature of a greenhouse intended for growing tomatoes should be ventilation. if the air is stuffy and too humid, then tomato seedlings, however, like adult plants, may die.

The beds for tomato seedlings are made along the greenhouse, their number will depend on its width. the beds for tomato seedlings themselves are most convenient to make 80 centimeters wide. This is how the tomato planting scheme is followed for a better harvest, and with such a bed width it is convenient to process.

The soil for the tomatoes in the greenhouse should be prepared three days before planting. She should be fertile, not heavy. In addition, to prevent diseases, the earth can be spilled with hot water (50-60 degrees) with potassium permanganate (1 gram per 1 liter of water) or special preparations can be used.

Of course, it is best to plant seedlings of small size, but if for some reason it has grown too long and too long, then it must be buried when planting.

Large-fruited and hybrid varieties are planted at a distance of 50-60 centimeters from each other.

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