Iberis evergreen - growing and care

Iberis evergreen - growing and care

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Iberis evergreen - one of the first heralds of warmth in the spring garden. You can often see green bushes sticking out from under the snow.

The genus Iberis has only 40 plant species, belongs to the cruciferous family. Iberis leaves are leathery, evergreen.

The plant blooms very abundantly with white flowers with a diameter of about 1.5 cm.Despite the small size of the flowers, their number is large: up to a thousand flowers can simultaneously develop on one plant, so the blooming Iberis looks like a white cloud, the green leaves are almost invisible. Flowering begins at the end of April and lasts a month.

When growing Iberis, it is necessary to take into account the fact that this plant is very light-loving, it tolerates only light shading. With a lack of light, flowering is significantly reduced. It can adapt to growing on any soil, but does not tolerate excessively moist.

The main thing to do when growing Iberis is to keep the bush compact. To do this, after collecting the seeds, the stems are cut. Evergreen is not demanding for top dressing, but complex fertilizer can be applied in spring.

The plant is resistant to diseases and pests. If the summer turned out to be dry, then the Iberis can be invaded by earthen fleas, which are quite easy to get rid of on Iberis: just moisten the soil around the bushes a little more.

This undemanding plant can decorate any corner of your garden: it looks great both on alpine slides and in mono version on a lawn, very beautiful planted among large stones.

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