Begonia propagation and care

Begonia propagation and care

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Begonia is an ornamental plant that attracts the attention of many amateur flower growers. Therefore, breeding and caring for begonias is a very interesting topic for every flower lover.

Begonia is a very interesting plant. For growing begonias, it is best that the temperature is no more than 20 degrees in summer, and around 18 degrees in winter.

Begonia is very fond of bright light, but not direct sunlight.

Begonia propagation and care
- a very useful topic that helps to grow a healthy and beautiful plant. It is also important to water the begonia very well, especially in spring and summer. But it should also be borne in mind that begonia does not tolerate stagnant water. In winter, refrain from watering. There is no need to spray this plant. Moreover, this is fraught with consequences for the flower - brown spots may appear on the leaves.

When flowers form on the begonias, the plant needs to be fed. For this, special fertilizers are used, which are applied once every 2 weeks.

Begonia is transplanted only when the pot in which it is located already becomes small for it. This plant propagates by cuttings or seeds.

By listening to these recommendations and spending a little time on your favorite plants, you can achieve very good results. And the plant will not remain in debt to you, but will thank you with its beauty and attractiveness.

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