How to care for geraniums at home

How to care for geraniums at home

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Geranium is one of the most common plants on windowsills, gardens, parks. Grows in clearings, forests, swamps.

Caring for geraniums is not difficult. And in response to the care of pelargonium there will be for a long time to please with abundant flowering. It is very good to have it in a house where little children grow up. After all, it has bactericidal properties that destroy harmful microbes. Its phytoncides repel insects. Geranium oil soothes the nervous system and is widely used in aromatherapy.

You can describe the useful properties of the crane for a long time so that you want to have it on the window. But let us dwell on a more important question that has already arisen in your mind, "how to care for geraniums."

How to care for geraniums at home

IN soil composition for good flower growth, sand, peat and garden soil should be included. It is important to have a good drainage system and periodic loosening to get air to the roots.

Good flowering is possible only in a small pot. A large pot has its advantages - it is the development of the root system, but flowering will be unimportant. Plant a small flower in a small pot. As soon as it becomes small, change it to a larger one.

Do not overdo it with watering... Better to top up a little - almost. Pelargonium absorbs and retains moisture well. With abundant watering, the leaves can be green and good, but will not bloom.

They reflect well on her mineral fertilizers, containing phosphorus and potassium. After transplanting, feeding should begin after three months.

Choose ceramic pots. In them, the earth dries out faster and the roots will not rot as a result of stagnant water.

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