Useful properties of green peas. Pea varieties

Pea cultivation was widespread in the ancient world. In France, a dish of peas with toasted bacon could be found both on the king's table and on the table of a commoner, therefore useful properties of green peas obvious.

Green peas are eaten fresh and canned, and ripe fruits are processed into flour or cereals.

The beneficial properties of green peas include a large amount (up to 7%) of irreplaceable protein, sugars (up to 7.5%), starch, and fat. The best varieties of green peas contain up to 45% or more amylose in seed starch. The ripening process of peas reduces the percentage of sugars and increases the percentage of protein and starch.

Green peas are superior to potatoes in citric acid content. Compared to coarse bread, which is richer in vitamins than bread of the highest grades, peas have 5 times more vitamin PP, B - 2 times, B2 - 1.5 times. Raw green peas are high in essential amino acids, although cooking cuts them by almost half. The calorie content of peas is 1.5-2 times more than potatoes and other vegetables.

The beneficial properties of green peas are determined by the high content of selenium, which allows it to be used as anticarcinogenic agent... It blocks the entry of radioactive metals into the body.

There are such varieties of peas

- sugar peas are eaten whole, they have a sweet taste
- cereal pea contains a large amount of sucrose, is used for the manufacture of canned food, is not suitable for cooking, since it does not soften during heat treatment
- dry peas are used for boiled dishes

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