How to grow an apple tree from seeds

How to grow an apple tree from seeds

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Apple tree is a common tree species in our climate. Often many apple lovers are interested in how to grow an apple tree from seeds.

To grow this beautiful tree from seeds, you need to know some of the subtleties in agrotechnical business. It is necessary to plant in light soil, where there is no stagnation of water, or sand seeds are sown on fertilized beds in early spring.

After the seeds have been sown, they must be mulched with humus, peat, and then watered. It is necessary to prevent the soil from drying out. Well-developed seedlings need to dive. Then the game is planted in the growing area, the root of the seedlings is pinched up to 3 cm from the horse's neck.

Transplanting seedlings do when 2 true leaves have already formed on them. A pick is not performed in hot weather. After diving, be sure to keep the soil clean, loose and moist.

In early October, it is worth digging the rootstocks and removing the leaves from them, then cutting the roots 18 cm and digging them in separately for the winter. The rootstocks are planted in early spring, after which the plant is grafted with a stalk or bud and an apple tree is formed.

More details about how to grow an apple tree from seeds, an experienced gardener who has been doing this for several years will be able to tell. After completing all the easy steps, after a few years you can get a beautiful and slender tree, which will begin to bear fruit.

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