Solidago in the photo is an unsurpassed autumn landscape

Look at solidago in the photowhat does it resemble? A beautiful bush of amazing golden flowers, of course we all recognize our native goldenrod. Even by ear it is felt that the etymology of the word "solidago" is of Spanish origin. And this is not a coincidence at all, because the homeland of the goldenrod is Latin America.

Solidago pleases with its flowering during the transition from summer to autumn, giving nostalgia for warm and sunny days. But not only is the famous goldenrod for its beauty - it is also has healing properties, that is, it belongs to medicinal plants.

Features of care for goldenrod

The best time to plant a bush is spring. Solidago grows quite quickly and will decorate your garden with its flowering in the same year. Before planting solidago, the soil should be prepared a little: apply organic fertilizers, carefully dig up the earth and prepare the planting hole. A young plant should be watered until it is fully engrafted, then only on very hot and dry days.

Solidago can grow in sunny areas. Although the optimal environment for him is partial shade in the garden. Goldenrod is very much unpretentious in care, for normal development and flowering, it is enough to keep the site near the bush without weeds and with loosened soil.

  • After flowering, pruning of the peduncles should be done, since they self-seed and solidago occupies more and more new territories.

Your bush will look just as luxurious as a solidago in the photo, if you do not forget about autumn pruning: all the stems are cut almost to the level of the soil. Golden greens can grow in one place for up to 7 years. Plant this plant and you will not regret it, solidago will become an adornment of your garden!

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