Brugmansia care and tips for successful cultivation

Brugmansia care and tips for successful cultivation

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Perhaps it is not the first year that you have looked with envy at a delightfully beautiful plant with huge bright bell flowers in a neighboring area. But looking at her, it may seem that such a luxurious plant requires very much effort in growing and careful care.

I will hope you: brugmansia is not such a demanding plant, you just need to know some tricks and tricks in caring for it.

Most often, brugmansii are grown in large pots or flowerpots. Small pots for brugmansia will not work, because in such a pot the soil dries out very quickly, which immediately entails drooping of the plant's leaves.

Young plants need to be replanted every year in the spring, choosing a new pot 2-3 cm larger than the previous one. It is better to purchase plastic containers, and not clay, drainage holes must be made in the bottom.

For the summer, brugmansia can be planted in the open air, but closer to frost it will have to be dug up and again transplanted into a tub or pot and brought into the room, since it does not tolerate frost.

Brugmansia care includes the selection of the optimal place for growing. After keeping it indoors, it is worth keeping it in partial shade for 3-4 days so that it gets used to the new conditions. Then it is necessary to choose a very bright place for the plant, protected from the wind in the garden or on the terrace, with the possibility of shading during the hottest part of the day.

Brugmansia is very fond of water. In summer, it requires daily watering, and on particularly hot days, 2 times a day.

For abundant flowering, include regular fertilizing for flowering plants in the care of brugmansia. Add fertilizer to your irrigation water 1-2 times a week from May to August.

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