Pine and a tree related to pine - strong bioenergetics in the personal plot

Almost everyone knows about the benefits of "pine air", especially those who are more likely to suffer from colds. Pine useful for its pollen, which is formed on the stamens of pine flowers and is the most valuable part of the tree. Everye tree related to pineand this spruce, cedar, fir, larch, has similar properties. That is why they very often try to grow each of these plants, if not on the personal plot itself, then somewhere nearby, so that the pine pollen gives health and well-being, and also refreshes the air.

In general, there are about 120 species of pines in the northern hemisphere of the globe, but amateur gardeners grow about 50 species of pines and their decorative forms, among which you can often find a tree related to pine and more than one.

Pine is rightfully called merciful tree, and also a tree of high spirituality and peace of mind. Very often, it is communication with the pine that helps to make the right choice and determine the next steps in fate. Pine and her relatives help remove irritation, anger and annoyancethat every person encounters on a daily basis. And pine will also help get rid of depression, therefore, both pine and a tree like a pine simply need to be grown near their place of residence, so that they give positive energy and charge the soul and body with vigor.

In cultivation pine is absolutely not whimsical. It grows beautifully in open areas, then its branches are more branched, and in partial shade, then it will be higher and will stretch its branches towards the sky.

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