Secrets of growing petunias

Due to the variety and brilliance of flowers, petunias can be an excellent decoration for a balcony or a summer cottage.

Petunia refers to annual and perennial herbs. Garden petunia is grown as an annual plant.

Petunia species differ by color, shape and size of flowers... Moreover, their color can be very diverse: purple, pink, white, red, cream, blue, blue, yellow, etc.

To get a beautiful flower garden on the balcony or cottage, you need to know some secrets of growing petunias.

This flower multiplies seeds... Therefore, already in February, seeds can be sown to obtain seedlings, which are transplanted into open ground, long or hanging pots in the spring immediately after the end of the frost.

Petunias are very love light and warmth, therefore, it is best for them to choose an open, sunny place. Despite the fact that the plant is quite resistant to dry conditions, it still needs to be watered regularly. Petunias can easily tolerate excessive soil moisture, but they die when water stagnates. therefore watering should be timely and moderate.

To maintain long-term flowering of petunia, it is necessary fertilize the soil regularly... It is advisable to choose complex fertilizers containing a large amount of potassium. Already a week after transplanting the plant, it is necessary to start feeding. And repeat this procedure every 10 days.

For those who know these simple secrets of growing petunias, the suburban area always looks blooming.

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