Growing rudbeckia. Basic care

Those who love warm yellow or red flowers that are unpretentious to care for, will definitely like a little chamomile-like rootbeckia... Those who are already familiar with this plant know that cultivation of rutbeckia - it's not difficult. It can be said that it grows by itself.

This flower loves sunny places... And he himself is a little like a heavenly body. Prefers light fertile soils, but in the absence of such usually agrees to a compromise. Depending on the variety, rutbeckia can be of medium thickness, or reach almost a meter in height... Such tall flowers will look great along the fence in the country or near a private house. Another advantage of this plant is that it blooms late enough, pleasing the gardener's eye sometimes until the very frost.

Rutbekia loves watering, but can withstand long enough without water. Caring for her is weeding and fertilization is possible. Top dressing will be needed as soon as the first buds appear. The plant is practically not susceptible to any diseases and pests, it can quickly grow and fill the free space of the flower bed. Except that leaf nematodes may spoil its appearance a little. In this case, an insecticide will help you.

Rutbeckia is grown most often seeds. Sowing them in May-June, in the first year you will admire only greenery. Flowers will appear only after winter. After that, the plant can already self-propagate... You only need to slightly control this process, and admire the bright floral tones in the last warm days of autumn.

Watch the video: Winter Sowing Rudbeckia Seeds in Unheated Greenhouse Growing Flowers from Seeds Beginner Gardening (July 2021).