Photo of lettuce salad - beautiful and healthy

Now it has become customary to call lettuce salad - lettuce, but there is a mistake in this. Externally, you can appreciate them and see the difference by looking at the above photo of lettuce salad.

Cabbage lettuce is distinguished by the fact that in the process of growth, its leaves are formed, as it were, into a loose roach, similar to a roach of cabbage, and leaf lettuce grows in separate "bushes" with leaves. Leafy also comes in both normal green and bright green-burgundy.

In general, lettuce is a huge source of vitamins. Fortunately, in recent years, people have begun to consume them more in food and began to monitor their health more carefully. This salad is very useful both for consumption inside, and for various masks and decoctions for external use, and simply as a beautiful and useful decoration of dishes.

Lettuce, in terms of vitamin C content, is practically on the same shelf with an ordinary apple; it also contains various vitamins of group B, PP, beta-carotene, various salts of potassium, magnesium, calcium and even phosphorus. Lettuce juice is often used to treat various gastrointestinal diseases, but diluted with water so that it is not so concentrated, to calm the nervous psyche, as it may not be strange to hear, and newly-made mothers drink decoction from seeds to improve lactation. A decoction of this salad is also very useful for strengthening hair.

So, the use of lettuce salad is simply necessary for our body, because it is not only very useful, but also delicious and beautiful!

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