Lantana from seed

Lantana from seed

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Lantana interesting for its colors. The peculiarity is that in flowers in one inflorescence are painted in different shades... Those flowers that have blossomed first acquire yellow and orange colors, and a little later they become saturated red.

Grown lantana from seed - this is the most common way. You can start this unpretentious lesson already in February. Until seedlings appear on the surface of the soil, it is better to maintain the temperature at 16 ° C - this will take about 7-15 days.

Lantana from seeds can also be grown in a manner common among indoor plant lovers. Berries with seeds recommend put in a thermos and pour water with a temperature of 40 ° C. It takes about two to three hours to sustain the seeds. Then the seeds are freed from the berry pulp and placed in water for another day. Then you can start planting in a nutrient soil with good air and water penetration. The planted seeds should be covered with foil and placed in a warm place.

Lantana is not demanding to care for, provided that she can get your share of sunshine... She is not afraid of dry air, so there is no need to spray the plant. Watering should be abundant, however, it is better to do this when the earthen lump dries up. Lanthanum can react to a lack of moisture with drying inflorescences and even death.

In winter, the plant does not look so picturesque. There are not many leaves on the elongated branches. These branches are best pruned. In addition pruning allows you to form a compact bush followed by good flowering.

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