Tradescantia white-flowered

Tradescantia white-flowered

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Growing various flowers in my apartment, every time I want to acquire more and more new specimens. If you already have no idea what flower to take under your wing, then White-flowered Tradescantia will be a wonderful option for you.

Tradescantia white-flowered is a perennial herb with thin creeping shoots. The flowers of this plant are small and white.

Tradescantia is a herbaceous plant. It will grow best on the east and west windows, on the south it is also possible, but only with darkening. You can also grow Tradescantia as ampelous plants in wall pots or hanging baskets. Also, the plant is grown as a soil plant in any flowerpots with large-sized plants, for example, with ficuses, dracaena... Can be grown in a greenhouse or conservatory.

The plant should be repotted every year or every 2 years. It should be planted in shallow and wide pots. Since Tradescantia has a weak root system, it multiplies very quickly. Therefore, every time you need to choose a pot wider.

The plant has a forced dormant period - from October to February... This is due to the lowered air humidity and illumination.

Watering Tradescantia should be moderate, avoiding overflow. This plant does not tolerate bright sunlight. For a flower to grow well, it needs 8-10 hours a day. Humidity is also important - it should be at the level of 70-75%. If the humidity is less, then spider mite damage is possible.

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