How to prepare gladioli for planting in spring?

If you are interested in what how to prepare gladioli for planting, then, first of all, pay attention to the planting material.

It should be stored at 4 to 10 degrees and kept dormant. Otherwise, the first shoots will appear only in July.

A week before the planned planting of tubercles, you need to sort out, choosing among them those on which there are several root tubercles. The more there are, the more powerful and hardy the flower will be.

Gladioli and their cultivation

Growing gladioli begins by choosing a sunny landing site, protected from cold winds. The intended area must be treated thoroughly in the fall: cleaned of weeds and dug deep.

Gladioli care
it will be much easier if you prefer alkaline soil. If the soil is acidic, lime or dolomite flour must be added to it.

If you have sandy loam soil, then humus or peat can be added to it. In no case should it be fertilized with fresh organic matter, as this causes such gladiolus diseases like botrytis, fusarium and other fungal diseases.

All varieties of gladioli require regular watering, loosening the soil, weeding, mulching the soil, applying mineral fertilizing.

Also try to prevent non-communicable diseases that are associated with non-compliance with agricultural practices.

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