Proper care of the uzambar violet

Uzambara violet (Saintpaulia) is an amazingly beautiful plant with velvet leaves and delicate lace flowers.

Caring for the uzambar violet, like any other, very careful is required, since the plant needs special growing conditions.

Violets are placed in a place with diffused light; for this, a window sill or a table standing next to the window is suitable. The flower does not tolerate both direct sunlight and shaded places. In order for the plant to grow evenly, without stretching to one side, it is necessary turn periodically around its axis.

If there is insufficient lighting, you can use a fluorescent lamp... Full lighting mode for violets 10-12 hours a day, otherwise it will not bloom, or flowering will be poor.

Caring for the Uzambar violet includes ensuring a certain temperature regime - 20-22 degrees C, with a complete absence of drafts.

Watering is moderate, soft settled water 2 times a week. When watering, you must try to prevent water from getting on the leaves.

Violets are quite demanding on air humidity, so it is periodically necessary to spray water in the immediate vicinity of the plant or put a tub of wet moss next to it.

The uzambar violet is transplanted once a year in the spring, and in the presence of artificial lighting at any time of the year. During plant transplant cannot be deeply buriedbut the surface fit is also incorrect. The growing point of the plant should be flush with the ground. When replanting, 1/5 of the pot height should be filled with drainage material.

At home, the Usambar violet reproduces perfectly by cutting leaves, the rooting of which can be done both in the ground and in water.

Top dressing is done monthly with universal fertilizer for flowers or special fertilizer for violets.

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