Bryansk pink cherry - garden decoration

Bryansk pink cherry - garden decoration

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Sweet cherry is a favorite delicacy of many people. The tree is distinguished by a strong wide-pyramidal crown of medium density, the growth of sweet cherry is restrained.

In spring, the tree blooms late, a white cap of flowers forms on the crown. The leaves of this cherry variety are of medium size, green with a pointed base, flat.

For 5 years from the moment of planting, the Bryansk pink cherry begins to bear fruit. The berries ripen late, in appearance they are of a beautiful pink color, rounded, of medium size, weighing 4 - 5 grams. The inside of the berry has yellow flesh and a light brown stone. The taste of the fruits of the Bryansk cherry is juicy and sweet. It is fashionable to collect about 50 centners of the harvest from one hectare of sweet cherry.

Advantages of the Bryansk pink cherry:

  • high winter hardiness of the tree and flower buds,
  • restrained tree growth,
  • slight damage to berries by rot,
  • resistance of the variety to fungal diseases,
  • fruits are resistant to cracking,
  • berries withstand transportation well.

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