Asparagus Meyer and his care

Asparagus Meyer and his care

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This delicate plant with original shoots will successfully fit into any interior. Asparagus Meyer belongs to the asparagus family. Its pubescent shoots are often called leaves, but they rather resemble some animal's tail. Flowers very small, white, but have a pleasant smell. You need to place this plant in a bright, but not sunny place, in winter at a temperature of 14-15 degrees, and in summer it is better to take it out into fresh air, in partial shade.

The soil should not be allowed to dry out in summer, in winter the plant is watered once a month in cool conditions, at high temperatures - more often, it is impossible to overdry the soil in winter. Spraying should be regular, at high temperatures - at least twice a day. To create a higher humidity around the asparagus, place it on a gravel pan. In dry air, the plant often infects spider mites, and Meyer's asparagus does not tolerate products that are usually used for plant protection.

During the growing season, from April to October, the plant is fed twice a month with mineral or organic fertilizers. Multiply asparagus by seeds, cuttings and dividing the bush. Young plants transplanted every year in a more spacious container, their roots grow quickly. Old shrubs can be replanted every two years. If the asparagus dries, turns yellow, loses leaves, then most likely there is insufficient watering, low air humidity, or direct sunlight falls on the plant.

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