How to Grow Rhodochiton from Seeds?

Rhodochiton - spectacular perennialwhich has recently become extremely popular with green pet lovers. Many flower growers, wishing to acquire such a handsome man, are wondering about how to grow rhodochiton from seeds.

The process of growing this plant is quite simple. In order to grow rhodochiton from seeds, you need to acquire soil, one or more pots and directly the seeds of the plant, which can be purchased at any flower shop. Sowing Rhodochiton can spend from January to March. The planting material is placed in a pot with soil, sprinkled with soil a little and covered with a plastic bag or a sheet of glass until germination. Until the first shoots appear (this happens after two to three weeks, and sometimes after a month and a half) the soil in the pot must be watered regularly. If you sowed several seeds in one pot, after their emergence, you need to remove the weakest shoots and leave no more than 3-4 of the strongest in the pot.

After a while, the seedlings need to be transplanted into separate small pots, and in transplant to a permanent place at the end of May... Subsequent care for rhodochiton implies frequent and abundant watering of the plant, regular (at least every two weeks) feeding it with special fertilizers, spraying the leaves, as well as the installation of props, which are very necessary for the plant.

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