Garden hydrangea: the most common plant varieties

Garden hydrangea: the most common plant varieties

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Garden hydrangea - a large shrub with amazingly beautiful and varied flowers. In ornamental gardening, this shrub is highly valued not only for its vast palette of colors and shapes of inflorescences, beautiful curly leaves and extremely abundant flowering, but also for its ease of planting and unpretentious care.

Garden hydrangea has a huge variety of varieties, of which the most popular is the variety with large globular inflorescences. Large-leaved hydrangea was brought from Japan to European countries not so long ago - in the middle of the 18th century - and immediately made a splash among flower growers of that time. Initially, this plant was very thermophilic and grown exclusively at home. However, intensive breeding of large-leaved hydrangea soon began: many new varieties were bred, distinguished by frost resistance, which were suitable for growing in the open field.

No less common is such a plant variety as panicle hydrangea, whose white-cream flowers are collected in large pyramidal inflorescences. Its distinctive feature is the change in the color of the flowers: initially being white, by autumn they acquire a rather intense pinkish tint. The tree-like hydrangea, which vaguely resembles the snowball variety, is distinguished by its truly enormous size (both the bush itself and the inflorescences and leaves). Even more impressive in size differs hydrangea Sargent, the height of which often exceeds four meters, and unfolding at the end of summer reach an astonishing thirty centimeters in diameter.

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