Autumn crocus in the photo

Autumn crocus in the photo

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The autumn crocus in the photo is striking in its beauty. It is surprising that in the time of nature's preparation for winter, Columnar in late autumn pleases the eye with bright colors... All the trees have long since changed their green outfit to gold, and even some have managed to become naked, and the crocus is just beginning to bloom.

The autumn crocus belongs to the lily family. The popular name - aspen or wintering, received due to the fact that it blooms at a time when most plants and trees pass into a dormant period.

Colchicum is very beautiful, and I just want to pick up an armful and take it home. But this cannot be done. It has poisonous properties... Tuber juice causes skin damage. Therefore, just admire its wonderful view of nature and do not tear it. Anyway, it won't stand in a vase for as long as in the bosom of nature. By the way, the bright color not only of plants, but also of many animals, insects, fish warns you of the toxic properties.

Colchicum in the photo known since ancient times. It was used for medicinal purposes already in Ancient Egypt. In the Hindu books of the Veda there is a note about the yellow crocus, it was written in the section of medicinal plants. And these books are more than 2000 thousand years old. Then the Greeks found out about its beneficial properties and began to use it in medicine. Currently, medicine has not spared the crocus. In small doses, the substance colchicine has a beneficial effect on the body, expanding the blood capillaries. It is used in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, neuralgia. When using drugs with colchicine, great care should be taken, as they have strong toxicity. Colchicine delays the splitting of chromosomes during nuclear fission, in this regard, it is prescribed to patients with cancerous tumors.

For medicinal purposes, corms are used. They are harvested on the eve of flowering in the third decade of August. And also seeds are used for medicinal purposes, they are collected in June - July.

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