How to plant daffodils

How to plant daffodils

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If you love these modest flowers with an unusually delicate aroma, then the question is, how to plant daffodils is very relevant to you.

Let's begin with that daffodils are not whimsical subject to properly organized care for them. The plot of land allocated for daffodils must be previously dug up. It is better if you take care of this a month before planting the bulbs.

It is necessary to plant daffodil bulbs at such a time that they can take root well before the onset of cold weather, that is at the end of August and until the end of September... It will take at least three weeks to root, given favorable weather conditions.

As soon as, in the first days of spring, the timid sprouts of these flowers appear, you can begin to fertilize the soil. During this time, daffodils respond well to ammonium nitrate... Before flowering, you can use complex fertilizers, which include potassium and phosphorus.

How to plant daffodils? If you want to get a beautiful flowering bush, then plant flower bulbs, forming a small circled. If the plant is planted in a row, then you can still get many daughter bulbs, which will be useful to you next year to increase the population of daffodils.

Rows of daffodils look good up close paths and edges of flower beds... When organizing a front garden, daffodils can be combined and alternated with other bulbs.

Cut daffodils look good in thin tall vase... Their scent spreads quickly throughout the room. It is not intrusive and pleasant, it helps to create a romantic, relaxed atmosphere.

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