Late flowering tulip varieties in pictures

Late flowering tulip varieties in pictures

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If you want to decorate your garden, personal plot or even a balcony with such beautiful plants as tulips, but you get lost among all the variety of their species and do not know where to choose, tulip varieties in pictures will help you. Tulip varieties in pictures, as well as their description and cultivation features can be found on many portals dedicated to floriculture.

Late-flowering tulip varieties include about a dozen classes, the most common of which is class of simple late tulips. These plants can be of different heights (from thirty to forty centimeters to one meter) and color, but their flowers always have a simple goblet or lily shape. Fringed tulips have a much more interesting flower shape, in which the edges of the petals are decorated with an elegant needle-like fringe, often differing in color from the main tone of the flowers. Representatives of the lily-colored class are no less beautiful. These tulips are extremely graceful, their flowers are slightly elongated and have thin petals bending outward, lily-shaped petals (in fact, this class of tulips got its name precisely because of this similarity).

The most interesting and unusual class of late-flowering tulips is the green-flowered class, which includes a few two-ton tulip varieties, with a non-standard petal shape and exotic color (the back of their petals is greenish with a delicate, barely noticeable white, pink, yellow or pale red edging).

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