Delicate snowdrop in the photo

Delicate snowdrop in the photo

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When we talk about the first spring flowers, we immediately think of snowdrops. Snowdrops in the photo - one of the most poetic images of purity, youth, discovery and hope.

The handsome forest snowdrop has long been a resident of garden plots. Indeed, to date, many varieties of snowdrops have been bred, in addition to more than a dozen wild varieties of this plant. These first spring beauties will look appropriate in the garden under trees or bushes.

Snowdrops refer to bulbous plants, and like most representatives of this genus, they are very undemanding to care. If these flowers are planted in the garden, then it will be enough for them natural light and water. It is necessary to propagate snowdrops with bulbs., after flowering, but the leaves are still bright green. deciding to transplant snowdrops, you must remember that this must be done carefully, because these flowers do not like to be "touched". And the transplanted flowers can bloom in a new place after a couple of years, when they "get used".

These wonderful plants can grow at home... It is only necessary to comply with the wintering conditions of plants, because snowdrops love frosty rest period... At home, they are grown in containers that can be conveniently rearranged from place to place.

Snowdrops spend most of their life underground in the form of bulbs, revealing and showing all their tenderness and beauty only for a short period of first-spring flowering.

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