Buzulnik in the photo

If you have ever seen buzulnik on photoh, then you probably want to buy this plant to your flower bed or just to the garden, because it will wonderfully decorate your free space.

There are more than 150 types of buzulnik. It is a perennial rhizome plant. Their stems are straight, they can reach a height of 120 cm. The leaves are large, their length reaches 50 cm in diameter. The inflorescences are baskets, which are collected in a paniculate, corymbose and racemose inflorescence. The marginal flowers are ligulate and have a yellow or orange color, which gives them such brightness. Buzulnik in the photo will be able to convey the beauty of this plant, but it is still better to see them live.

To grow buzulnik you need soil that rich in nutrientsand, it must be wet.

In spring, it is advisable to loosen and mulch the soil. In the summer, it is worth regularly watering, as well as tying up the inflorescences. If the soil on which the plant grows is fertile enough, then you should not feed it.

After the plant has faded, the inflorescence must be removed. Of course, seeds can be collected at this point. In autumn, it is recommended to cut off the aerial part.

Buzulniki are not amazed neither disease nor pestmi. The only problem can be slugs, which devour young or even adult leathery leaves.

Reproduction of buzulnik occurs both by seeds and by dividing the bush. The seeds are sown in the spring. Seedlings bloom for 3-4 years. The division of the bush also takes place in the spring.

This plant is ideal for group planting, mixborders and ponds.

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