Common honeysuckle

Common honeysuckle is deciduous shrub, the height of which can reach two and a half meters. In nature, this plant is found in the northern, eastern, and also central parts of Europe and in the Urals.

Leaves honeysuckles are elliptical with a sharp tip. The leaves can be up to 5-7 centimeters long and 3-5 centimeters wide. Around the beginning of summer, you can observe yellowish white bloom honeysuckle. In this case, the flowers are arranged in pairs in the axils of the leaves. By the end of July, common honeysuckle yields red spherical fruits that unsuitable for human consumption... Some types of honeysuckle have yellow or black berries.

Common honeysuckle is a very hardy plant. This plant can grow not only in forest conditions, but also in the city. The shrub grows well both in the sun and in the shade. Easily tolerates frosty winter conditions. Also, common honeysuckle is resistant to various pests and diseases.

Best of all, the shrub grows and develops on fertile soilsenriched with lime. Honeysuckle breeds seeds or cuttings.

Due to its unpretentious cultivation and care, common honeysuckle is widely used in landscaping as hedge, because it easily transfers a haircut.

The shrub can be used not only as an ornamental plant, but also use its wood to make small wooden crafts.

Honeysuckle flowers are very valuable honey plant.

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