Do you know how to store cannes in winter

Cannes - unusually beautiful perennial large flowers, stunning with a variety of colors. Canna propagates by dividing the rhizome in early spring, in March or April. The price of a flower is quite high, so the question of how to preserve planting material until spring is of interest. There are several methods that have been tested by experienced florists.


  • Storing cannes in the cellar
  • Rest period in the pot
  • Storage with flowering
  • Refrigerator storage

Storing cannes in the cellar

After the first frost, and this is somewhere between September and October, the cannes are dug up. In this case, the stem is first cut off, leaving a height of 15 to 20 cm, then the flower is dug up and dried a little under a canopy.

When digging, it is not necessary to completely remove the soil from the root system; it is better if the cannes are stored with an earthen lump.

The rhizome is transferred to wooden boxes and well poured with humus, earth with sawdust, peat and sand. It is desirable that the moisture content of the earth is at least 50 - 60%, and the air temperature in the cellar is 6 - 8 degrees Celsius.

Visit your beauty at least once a month and inspect the plant and the necessary watering so that the rhizome does not dry out. If, on the contrary, there are rotten areas, then they are cut to a good tissue. Sprinkle the cuts with charcoal or iodine. A sharp drop in temperature in the cellar should not be allowed, this can cause freezing of the rhizomes or, on the contrary, rotting.

Rest period in the pot

There is a second way to store cannes in winter. Before digging up the plant, cut off only dry leaves and peduncles at the very root. Plant the pruned plant with an earthen clod in a pot. The storage temperature should be no higher than 12 - 15 degrees. It can be a cool veranda or an attic, a loggia. Water the flower periodically, about once or twice a month.

Kanna can also be in a lighted room near the balcony door. Under such storage conditions, the buds will ripen very well, which will subsequently give good strong peduncles. When spring comes, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of watering so that the plant wakes up. Two weeks before planting in the ground, the plant is fed.

Storage with flowering

Can be potted and watered normally. Then they will delight the eye with flowering until December, and sometimes until January. Yes, they can be grown in large pots in the house! Moreover, in room conditions, they bloom almost all year, only there is a small dormant period of 1.5 - 2.5 months. During dormancy, the stem and leaves dry out and fall off, new leaves begin to form in their place. With such storage or growing, the main thing is that the flower has enough room in the pot.

When growing indoors, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of container so that the rhizome develops in free conditions.

You should not forget about the sufficient amount of nutrients. To do this, you need to feed the canna with mineral fertilizers once a month or water it with nutritious mixtures for any indoor flowers.

You should not use various talkers with humus, since an abundance of fertilizers can lead to wilting of the plant. Blooming eland can be transplanted into open ground. However, one should not rush, as the slightest frost can destroy the plant.

Refrigerator storage

Some growers store low-grade canna in the refrigerator. If space allows you, then this option should also not be ruled out.

The principle of rhizome preparation is simple: we dig them out and rinse them under running water, then soak them for a day in a disinfectant solution and, after drying, determine them for storage, wrapping them in newsprint. For the disinfectant solution, you can use ordinary potassium permanganate or various solutions from the store.

You need to settle cannes loosely in the vegetable storage department. The rhizome should also be checked occasionally for rot. This method is suitable for those who have few rhizomes, after all, the refrigerator is not rubber.

Closer to mid-spring, the root system should be divided according to the number of shoots and planted in pots for growing. For planting, an earthen mixture is taken: peat, sand and black soil in equal proportions. When strong shoots appear, the plant should be fed. To do this, you should take mineral fertilizers, 40-50 gr. per 1 m2. And after the frosts leave, this is the beginning of June, they are determined in open ground. The place should be sunny or partial shade, the soil is well fertilized. Before planting the plant, the hole is watered abundantly, when the water is absorbed, you can plant a flower. Cannes will start delighting with large and juicy flowers in mid-July or early August. It already depends on the type of plant.

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