Growing beautiful flowers from nasturtium seeds

There are two options for such an interesting process as growing nasturtium from seeds: for seedlings and immediately into the ground. In order for your flowers to be strong, bright and delight you with long, long flowering, you need to do the following:

Tips for growing nasturtium

  • It is best to sow the seeds in the ground in the first week of May, for this they must first be soaked in water for a day. Within a few days you will be able to contemplate small sprouts.
  • For sowing nasturtium seeds, choose not very fertile soils and sunny places. Otherwise, the flowering will not be as bright, but the leaves will develop very well.
  • Nasturtium seeds can be planted in a greenhouse. There they will quickly grow and take root, and then you can transplant the cuttings into open ground.
  • Since nasturtium gives a lot of shoots, it needs regular watering. Don't forget this.

Growing nasturtium from seeds will become your favorite dacha activity, subject to the above tips, and the garden will delight you with bright colors and cheer up all summer.

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