Monarda plant and bergamot

Monarda plant and bergamot

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Plant monarda belongs to the labiate family. It has taken root well in the warm regions of Asia and Europe.

The Monard plant bears the name of the scientist Nikolos Monardes, who published the book Plants of the New World in 1569. It emits an extraordinary strong aroma, which attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

The plant has a straight stem, reaching a height of 1.2 meters. The leaves are oval in shape, the length of which is from 5 to 15 cm, located on top of each other. They have a rough or smooth surface, and some species have jagged tips. Flowers are either double or simple, again it all depends on the variety. The upper lip is narrow and the lower lip is wider and drooping. The roots, stems and leaves of the monarda contain a lot of essential oils, due to which it exudes a strong aroma. The scent attracts insects and birds.

By the period of flowering, the monarda grows long stems, in the axils of which the leaves appear cute "shaggy flowers". The flowers are bright pink, lilac and white.

In the English-speaking tradition, monarda is often called bergamot, which misleads people interested in plants. Indeed, both plants have a similar aroma and flavor. But they belong to different families, so there is no need to confuse them. Monarda is a member of the labiate family, and bergamot is a type of Seville orange... Everyone knows the taste of tea with bergamot, and if you add a monarda leaf to the drink, the taste will resemble the usual tea with bergamot.

Monarda and Bergamot belong to essential oil crops.

Since ancient times, the Indians have used healing properties of monarda... It is a good antiseptic as it contains thymol. It is used to rinse the mouth, and the oil is used in aromatherapy.

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