Indoor cineraria: plant care

Indoor cineraria: plant care

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An exotic visitor from the Canary Islands called indoor cineraria became a common inhabitant of our apartments and won the favor of many flower growers due to its attractive appearance. This small plant blooms (its height rarely exceeds 20-30 centimeters) with proper care extremely abundant, small flowersthat look vaguely like daisies. However, it is quite difficult to provide cineraria with suitable conditions in an apartment.

Indoor cineraria feels best in bright diffused lighting: its ideal habitat is light east or west window, slightly shaded from direct sunlight with light curtains. Cineraria reacts very badly to heat, only cool rooms are suitable for keeping it, the temperature in which fluctuates in the range of 15-17 degrees and in no case exceeds 20 degrees.

Particular attention should be paid to watering cineraria, for which it is advisable to use soft water that has been settled for several days. Watering should be moderate: Do not allow both drying out and waterlogging of the soil, which are equally harmful to the plant. Also, a very important condition for cineraria is high air humidity, however, the plant does not tolerate spraying and rubbing the leaves with a damp cloth. It is in this and is the main difficulty in growing this extremely attractive, but capricious plant in indoor conditions, since it is often impossible to maintain the necessary humidity in the room.

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