Common leaf

Fern lovers will never refuse to replenish their collection with this perennial plant. Indeed, unlike the main representatives of fern crops, common leaflet (kostenets) has even, whole, smooth leaves. There are also species in which dissected or wavy leaf blade... Such species are of even greater interest to gardeners.

Despite its modest simplicity, the plant is valued for its decorative appearance and has been cultivated in our area for a long time. An ordinary leaflet can grow up to 50 cm in height and, in combination with its dense leathery leaves, in some gardens it is used, planted along the paths, as small hedge or curb.

In its original form, this fern can be found on stony soil areas in the mountain forests of the Caucasus, Central and Southern Europe and the Carpathians.

Having decided to settle an ordinary leaflet on your site, you should know that it multiplies seedling method or method of rooting leaf cuttings... It is better to choose the soil neutral, well-permeable to water.

The plant is characterized by a very slow growth... However, a significant positive quality of the leaf is its winter hardiness: it is quite high. And there is evidence of this - even in a snowless winter with frosts up to -30 ° С the leaf does not freeze... The maximum that can happen is that the plant will lose the leaves that remained for the winter. However, despite such resistance to low temperatures, the common leaf needs shelter in the winter.

Kostenets feels better if he is in the shadow... Those specimens that grow in the sun acquire a yellow color of the leaf plate and significantly lag behind in growth.

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