Common goof is a poisonous plant in your garden

Common goof is a poisonous plant in your garden

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Every amateur gardener in our country wants to equip in one way or another tropical corner in your garden, which is why palms and palm-like plants are in such great demand in plant stores. one of the palm-like plants is common slander. Because of its palmate-split leaves and branched stems, common slander is often called the garden palm. Indeed, her homeland is tropical and subtropical forests, but quite often she can be found in almost all corners of the globe, where, to one degree or another, it is warm, humid and sunny.

But ordinary slander has nothing to do with the palm family, since it belongs to the euphorbia family, and this plant is famous not so much for its leaves and growth as healing and poisonous properties... Namely, vulgar slander is a source of castor oil, which is widely used as a laxative and is also used to strengthen hair. But you should know that the seeds of common slander deadly poisonous, therefore, in everyday life with this plant, you must be extremely careful. For children, the lethal dose is 6 seeds, for adults - 20 seeds.

Cultivate slander ordinary is simple enough. It is enough just to throw the seeds into the ground in a sunny area. It grows quickly, does not need special care. To decorate a garden or flower bed, you can cut off the apical shoots and side shoots, giving the desired shape and growth. Although the plant itself looks quite impressive, it can grow very large.

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