How the beneficial properties of raspberry leaves are used in traditional medicine

 How the beneficial properties of raspberry leaves are used in traditional medicine

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In folk medicine of all countries in the territory where raspberries grow, this plant is the main component of many collections for the treatment of various diseases: from colds to joint pains, from problems of the reproductive system to neuralgia, from treatment of the cardiovascular system to cosmetology. Moreover, modern research has proven that useful properties of raspberry leaves according to some indicators, they significantly exceed the beneficial properties of fruits. For example, vitamin C in raspberry leaves is 20-30 times more than in berries.

Miracle raspberry leaf drink

Specific enzymes - salicials, which are found in significant amounts in raspberry leaves, are natural aspirin. Therefore, it must be remembered that it is not recommended to use raspberry broth together with the use of aspirin.

In order to prepare a healing broth, it is enough to take 2 tablespoons of dry, crushed raspberry leaves and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, then the broth is allowed to brew in a sealed container for a couple of hours and strain.

Such a decoction is an excellent prophylactic agent in the season of the spread of influenza and SARS. And if you add chopped dried raspberry stalks when preparing the broth, you can rinse your mouth with them, which helps to get rid of sore throat, pharyngitis and other throat diseases. The beneficial properties of raspberry leaves also help in the treatment of gastritis and enterocolitis, and even hemorrhoids. In these cases, a more concentrated infusion is required. A decoction of raspberry leaves is no less useful for women's health. It helps to relieve the inflammatory processes associated with various diseases. In such cases, various lotions and douching are often used.

But no matter how useful raspberries are, we must not forget that in some people it causes severe bouts of allergies, and uncontrolled self-medication can cause serious problems.

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