Growing okra

Growing okra

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Okra is a self-pollinated annual tropical plant that is prized for its capsule pods. Unripe pods are used for the preparation of side dishes and salads, canning... In the middle lane it is possible growing okra only in a seedling way. It needs loose, fertile soil.

The seeds are sown in seedling boxes in March and covered with foil. Seedlings will appear in 10-15 days. When they get stronger and give several true leaves, they dive into separate containers. Okra is a very thermophilic plant; in our country it can be grown outdoors only in the Krasnodar Territory. In the middle lane, okra is grown in greenhouses, where the seedlings are planted after the threat of recurrent frosts has passed. As it grows, the plant will require a garter, like tomatoes... The temperature in the greenhouse should be at least 20 degrees, the air humidity should be 70 percent.

You need to feed okra about twice a month. phosphorus-potassium fertilizers... A couple of months after germination, the plants begin to bloom, and after 5-6 days they begin to bear fruit. Fruiting will continue until autumn, fruits are harvested as they ripen, every 5-6 days. Fruits not removed in time will overripe, and all that remains is to grind and use them as a spice. Unripe fruits are stored for ten days in conventional boxes with air holes.

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