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Cucumber almost on 95% water, he contains sugars, useful vitamins and minerals... The water contained in cucumber is almost distilled, it removes toxins well and has a positive effect on the body.

Cucumbers belong to the family pumpkin, warm India is considered to be the homeland, although cucumbers grew in Greece, Africa, and on the territory of the Roman Empire. Cucumbers are eaten unripe.

Cucumber is heat-loving and moisture-loving culture... The growing area should be illuminated by the sun, but partial shade is acceptable. Cucumbers needed protect from the wind... The optimum temperature for the normal development of cucumbers is considered to be the temperature about 23-30 degrees... A drop in temperature below 15 degrees can lead to inhibition or cessation of growth at any stage of development. For cucumbers frosts are destructive, and temperature drops slow down their growth. Therefore, often cucumbers grown under a film, especially in the first half of summer. Cucumber care should include weeding, pinching, watering, feeding and garter on trellises.

There are three groups of cucumber varieties. These are greenhouses, garden beds and gherkins. Greenhouse cucumbers are characterized by long and smooth fruits, the length of which is up to 30 centimeters or more. Garden cucumbers are intended for open ground, fruit sizes reach 10-15 centimeters. Gherkins cucumbers are small, no more than 10 centimeters. Cucumbers, which have white thin hairy thorns, are classified as salad, and black thorns are classified as salted.

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