Hot peppers on the windowsill

Among lovers of indoor floriculture, there are quite a few of those who also benefit from their vegetable hobby by growing spicy herbs at home. Spicy pepper is one of such beautiful and useful indoor "pets".

The pepper that we grow at home and eat as a spice comes from tropical America. Their color is also different - it is pink to bright yellow.

The uniqueness of hot peppers, which can be grown at home on a windowsill, also lies in the fact that varieties of this plant have different periods of fruiting. Some of them are best grown in the winter-spring period, others, on the contrary, in the summer-autumn period. But there are also varieties that can be grown and harvested almost all year round. Such varieties begin to be grown as outdoor plants, and then, with the onset of autumn, they are transferred home, planting in a pot.

In order to grow hot peppers at home, it is necessary to prepare the land: take turf and humus in equal proportions. Add a glass of ash to 8-10 liters of such earth. If the pepper will be grown in the autumn-winter period, then it is worth taking care of additional lighting. For this, you can use fluorescent lamps. They are installed above the plants at a distance of 20-30 centimeters. In addition, the pepper must be protected from the cold of the window panes with a protective screen. Indoor hot peppers must be watered with settled water. This water is oxygenated and heated to room temperature for plant health.

If the hot pepper is properly and carefully looked after, then at home on the windowsill it can grow up to 5 years.

Good luck!

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