The best sweet peppers

The best sweet peppers

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Sweet peppers, which were grown by domestic gardeners just a few decades ago, had a predominantly conical shape and a traditional color of the fruit. Today, the color palette of sweet pepper has become much richer: for example, in technical ripeness, this vegetable can be white, greenish, cream, salad, rich emerald and even purple, and at the stage of biological ripeness, the pepper acquires deep yellow, red brown, orange or striped color.

According to experienced gardeners and culinary experts, the best sweet peppers for canning have thick walls. So, for conservation only fruits that are fully ripe are suitable (by the way, ripe peppers are also best suited for fresh consumption), which are distinguished by the maximum tenderness and "sugariness" of taste and contain a significant concentration of ascorbic acid.

As for such a cooking method as stuffing, here cone-shaped fruits are best, which were removed at the stage of technical ripeness. Early ripening varieties have proven themselves best of all, for example, a variety called Memory Zhegalova, which has a light green fruit color in technical ripeness and red in biological ripeness. The mass of such a pepper is quite modest: the fruits rarely exceed seventy grams. Good for stuffing yellow and then reddening Sweetheart, Kazachok, which has the same color as the previous variety, as well as Sunny, acquiring a dark red or burgundy hue to the approach of biological ripeness.

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