Bearded Penstemon - garden decoration for the whole summer

 Bearded Penstemon - garden decoration for the whole summer

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Many gardeners only know firsthand about such a plant as penstemon of the Norichnikov family... The genus of Pentimons is very large and includes about 270 species... They can be covered with a carpet or reach a height of almost 1 meter, which will be discussed.

Features and reproduction of the bearded penstemon

Penstemon the bearded, due to its relative unpretentiousness, has become the most common genus of penstemons in our strip. Its main requirement is good deep drainage. The plant lives only 3-4 years in dry, warm and bright areas of the garden. But, nevertheless, it always needs moisture, so when planting it is important to add rubble or sand under the root. It tolerates the harsh climate of our winters very well and does not need shelter.

Bearded penstemon propagate very small seeds. First, you need to germinate them and at the same time carefully monitor so that the seeds do not rot and dry out. Those that have sprouted should be planted, and not hatched, moved for a month in the refrigerator. After that, the seeds need to be placed in a warm place where they will germinate. But such scrupulousness does not immediately give its "fruits", usually the plant blooms only after a year.

How to distinguish bearded penstemon from another genus of penstemons

  • The stem is erect. Reaches 90 centimeters in height. The smallest plant can be 40 centimeters.
  • Its leaves are lanceolate and very dense. In the nodes of the stems, they are collected in pairs.
  • Flowers are small (up to 2.5 cm in diameter), narrow tubular, with small pedicels. Inflorescences racemose up to 20 centimeters in length.
  • The color of the plant does not shine with variety. We have only pink, scarlet-red and less often white inflorescences of bearded penstemon.

On the garden plot, the bearded penstemon is always a decoration, because this is a beautiful upright branchy plant blooms for more than 3 months and stands out for its height among other flowers.

Gardeners appreciate the bearded penstemone as an addition to the composition of small or wildflowers.

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