White rose: varieties

White rose: varieties

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White Rose its beauty, tenderness, charm has given rise to many beautiful legends and beliefs. The ancient Greek legend about the birth of the white rose alone is worth something! The goddess of beauty is born Aphrodite from sea foam. But he died from the boar's fangs. The grief of Aphrodite was so great that the gods took pity on her and allowed Adonis to return from the kingdom of the dead, which gave the basis for the legend of the changing seasons. The drops of Adonis' blood turned the white rose red. Since then, it is believed that the white rose is a symbol of purity, beauty and innocence, and red roses are a symbol of love and passion.

The white rose is a permanent decoration of any garden. There are quite a few varieties of this beautiful flower bred by breeders. Each of them deserves special attention, but we will focus on only two of them. In my opinion, these are the most wonderful flowers in the world.

One white rose variety was bred quite recently - in 2011. It is part of a collection dedicated to famous Russian scientists, French company Meilland, specializing in the selection and cultivation of roses. The white rose, presented to the world community of flower growers and breeders in 2011, was named after Mikhail Lomonosov and named after him - R. Lomonosov... This unique variety was created by a French breeder Jacques Mouchotte, who has been breeding and creating new varieties of roses for more than a quarter of a century. R. Lomonosov is a disease and pest resistant plant that can withstand even Russian frosts. The buds of this variety are large, reaching 14 (!) Centimeters in diameter, and each petals - 100. The height of a rose of the R. Lomonosov variety can reach 120 centimeters, which is also quite a lot. This exquisite flower has a delicate aroma with hints of exotic fruits and honey.

Another white rose variety that I want to talk about is classic Pascali... This variety was bred in Belgium by a breeder Louis Lens back in 1963 (!). Since then, it has been Pascal that has been considered the classic white rose. Everything contributes to this title: the correct goblet shape of the bud, the slightly greenish color of the petals, hiding in the middle a soft cream shade, a delicate pink scent. This variety grows up to 1 meter in height. The flowers bloom gradually one by one, allowing you to enjoy the Pascali bloom for a long time.

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