Kvamoklit in the photo is a miracle, how good it is!

Kvamoklit in the photo is a miracle, how good it is!

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Sometimes you look at pictures, photographs with various plants, and you just wonder how much diversity there is in our nature. For instance, kvamoklit in the photo.

When I first saw this plant in a photo in a magazine, I was simply amazed by it - bright juicy greens of feather-like leaves, scarlet asterisks of flowers... The beauty was indescribable! This plant leaves the feeling of a holiday, loved and joyful.

The Kvamoklit plant is not yet very common in Russia. Although related residents of garden plots can be found quite a few, for example, morning glory. Kvamoklit is bindweed, numbering several species, whose homeland is considered to be India and the countries of South America.

For cultivation on the territory of Russia, such varieties as Kvamoklit fiery-red, Kvamoklit lobed, Kvamoklit Slottera and Kvamoklit pinnate are suitable.

All these types of creepers are annuals... Therefore, in a short season of its life in a garden somewhere in central Russia, Kvamoklit grows up to 2 meters long, although in its homeland it can be 5 meters long.

Of all the varieties of Kvamoklite, only variety Cirrus does not tolerate transplanting... Therefore, it is sown immediately into the ground, somewhere in the month of April, in extreme cases - at the beginning of May. The rest of the species that are grown in our country are best sown for seedlings, then replanting with subsequent picking. Kvamoklit should not be planted too late, as the plant will not have time to gain strength and bloom.

Caring for kvamoklite is not difficult. As a climbing plant, it must be provided with a support. Although it will look just as amazing as an ampelous plant. Regular watering and feeding will help the plant become a real decoration of the garden or balcony.

Good luck!

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