Sowing and caring for pumpkin

Sowing and caring for pumpkin

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Pumpkin - an annual plant with a creeping, long stem, with powerful roots that help to draw moisture from the deep bowels of the earth, which contributes to good resistance to drought. It is useful to use it for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidney problems, obesity, atherosclerosis, and pumpkin seeds can help in the fight against worms.

Sowing pumpkin is best done on soil prepared in the fall.The best precursors to pumpkin are beans, tomatoes, peas, potatoes, and root vegetables. In the fall, complete mineral and organic fertilizers need to be applied to the soil, then it is well dug up. Sowing of pumpkin is also carried out in the aisles of early potatoes, corn, bush beans, table and fodder beets, beans. The pumpkin can be planted near trellises, verandas, fences, while the fruit should be tied to a support. The seeds can be sown dry, or they can be sown wet or already germinated. In mid-August, the main stem of the cut must be pinned.

Pumpkin loves warmth, grows well in arid regions. The pumpkin is sown in a sunny place, then when the soil reaches fifteen degrees Celsius, usually in warm regions, this is approximately the end of April, and in more northern regions - the end of May, so seedlings in the northern regions are preferable. Seeds need to be embedded six centimeters into the soil, if the weather is already dry, then a depth of eight centimeters is achieved.

The main thing in caring for a pumpkin is loosening, watering and removing weeds. The pumpkin should be fed with mineral fertilizers, which contain a lot of phosphorus. Pumpkin is very sensitive to temperature at an early age; at zero temperature, the plant dies. In order for the pumpkin fruits to develop well, they need a temperature of at least twenty-four degrees.

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