Cucumber bed, not simple - warm

It is difficult to imagine a summer cottage or garden without cucumbers on it, right? But do we know everything about this vegetable? Why doesn't the harvest always make us happy? Cucumber bed - this is the main secret. And not a simple garden bed, but warm... Cucumbers - heat-loving, at temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius they will not grow, therefore, it is not worth planting them before the end of May or the beginning of June, or sowing in greenhouses, but it is easier - prepare a warm bed.

How to prepare a warm cucumber patch?

  • a garden bed is being prepared in early spring or in autumn;
  • dig up a trench 50 cm deep;
  • lay out wood blocks across the trench (this can be any wood waste, cut branches of an apple tree, tree roots);
  • cover the trench on the sides with sawdust, twigs;
  • lay the inverted sod on top;
  • tamp well;
  • the row can be edged with a wooden box, but its walls should be inclined;
  • on top of the turf - a leaf of wood and earth;
  • the soil must be mixed with compost in a 1: 1 ratio;
  • the height of the embankment is 10 cm.

How does a warm bed work?

When decaying, the wood gives off methane (respectively - heat), microorganisms multiply well in such an environment. They oxidize methane to carbon dioxide, and the plant feeds on it.
Such a bed for cucumbers can "work" for up to 10 years.

On such a bed you can grow not only cucumbers, but also radishes, lettuce, dill, asters, cauliflower, pumpkin, zucchini. Experienced gardeners advise sowing cucumbers in the twenties of April. With the help of a garden bed, plants can calmly withstand a temperature drop even up to 5 degrees.

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