Strawberry varieties

Strawberry varieties

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Strawberries can be safely called one of the most popular berries in the world. Due to the popularity of this berry, over the years of its cultivation, a huge number of various varieties have been bred, differing in appearance, taste and growing conditions.

All strawberry varieties can be divided into breeding and local. Breeding varieties are created by specialists and scientists, developed in research institutes and are the fruit of long and painstaking work, which is carried out in order to obtain a new variety that meets certain necessary parameters.

Local the same varieties are simply selected from among the best berries of the harvest, and the result of such selection will be the variety most adapted to the conditions of the area where it was created. Thus, it turns out that the advantage of local varieties will be their maximum adaptability to their soil, and therefore such strawberry varieties in their home area will give the best results with minimal effort to grow them. The disadvantages of local varieties include the fact that strawberries that give excellent results in their area may be completely unsuitable for growing elsewhere.

Strawberry varieties are chosen for planting based on their characteristics, the requirements for growing conditions, and the ripening time, on the basis of which strawberry varieties can be divided into early, mid-season and late.

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