How to prune raspberries in the spring

How to prune raspberries in the spring

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For the first time, we began to grow raspberries with the appearance of children in the family, because juicy fruits carry a lot of useful substances, especially valuable in winter frosts and the ARVI period. Without proper preparation, the perennial shrub gave a very meager harvest, and only after consulting an experienced gardener did we understand what was going on.

For a bountiful harvest, raspberries must be pruned. As a rule, this procedure is performed in late summer and early autumn after the complete withering away / drying of adult branches. We, on the advice of a consultant, started pruning raspberries in the spring after the snow had completely melted, in March-April.

It is necessary to cut off old dried branches to the very root. In young green shoots, pinch the tops so that the raspberries give all their strength to lateral future fruitful shoots. It is recommended to leave up to 15 young branches per square meter, no more.

In horticulture, there are two types of raspberries:

  • Normal - after the end of fruiting, the branches die off, and by the end of summer new shoots come out that will bear fruit next year.
  • Repaired - in this raspberry, the fruits grow on branches that have grown during the summer. Thus, the yield of this species is the highest and lasting.

How to prune raspberries in the spring if the main pruning was carried out last fall? After winter, completely extinct shoots should be removed under the root, and partially damaged ones should be cleaned from only the damaged part.

There is also a double pruning method - very old and quite effective, but few people use it in practice.

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