Weevil: a pest of strawberries, raspberries and other horticultural crops

There are a lot of pests of garden plants. But what kind of attack is this - a weevil?

It turns out that this is a very numerous order of beetles, and there are up to 40,000 (!) Species of them all over the world. As scientists have found out, these insects can be attributed to the very ancient inhabitants of our planet. Most likely, they appeared in the ancient Mesozoic, and this is about 252 million years ago! Believe it or not, these small pests that spoil our crops lived on the earth with dinosaurs!

Proboscis pest

Today there are two main groups of weevils - long-proboscis and short-proboscis. Yes, they were called weevils precisely because of the characteristic structure of the head, which in the front part forms a special organ - the rostrum. Both groups of these insects are pests that spoil and destroy agricultural crops, including strawberries and raspberries.

Gourmet weevil

By the way, weevils differ in their taste preferences and favorite places for laying eggs. There are weevils that damage crops; there is a beet weevil that destroys the roots of beets in the ground. And there is a special weevil that simply adores strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and other herbaceous plants belonging to the Rosaceae family. A real gourmet!

Anthonomus rubi

An immature raspberry-strawberry weevil overwinters in the ground. With the onset of heat, it gets out on the surface of the earth and on young shoots of strawberries, raspberries. At first, it eats up the petioles of young leaves. When the buds appear, the females make holes in them and lay one egg per bud. Then, at the bud, she gnaws at the peduncle so that the bud falls to the ground in a few days. The larva develops in the bud, eating it, and pupates there. The emerging new beetle feeds on the leaves of strawberries, raspberries, rose hips. He goes to winter underground.

How to deal with a weevil

Such a struggle must be systematic and regular. It includes digging up the soil, shaking off beetles on the tissue until buds appear, collecting and destroying buds damaged by a weevil, as well as treating plants with special preparations.

Good luck!

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